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So let me introduce myself..

I am Jess, the owner of Belle's Cauldron and

I had the inspiration to startup my own business due to a strong passion that I hold..

I always believed there was more to life than what we see...

I always tried to see and still try to see the good in people..I believe people's paths are set out when they are born and individuals may wander and take their own routes, BUT they always end up back on the path they should be.

I believe that we meet people for reasons..sometimes those reasons bring hurt to grow and sometimes they bring happiness.

I believe your body is a temple in which you live in.. your soul is the part of you that moves onto another life..

I believe there are many helpful and healing natural properties on our planet in which we should utilise more.

I believe that the mind has a very strong and incredible way of healing us.

And I believe in summerland.

I'm not here to push my personal beliefs onto you, nor do I expect you to have to follow my beliefs.

I believe we should be who we want to be and be proud.

I was unsure what I was and what I believed In, but my path has enabled me to meet people who have inspired and educated me to understand this is the person I always wanted to be.

I am proud to be WICCAN. 🖤🧙‍♀️

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