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Cast iron Cauldron

Cast iron Cauldron

Our Cast Iron Cauldron with Triple Moon is an object with deep meaning and symbolic expression. It is not only a practical tool but also a beautiful decoration that will highlight the spiritual and magical side of rituals and practices.

This cauldron is made of durable cast iron that retains heat for a long time. Perfect for burning incense, herbs, or other substances during spiritual practices. The compact size of the cauldron (6x10 cm) allows it to be easily placed on an altar or other place dedicated to rituals.

The triple moon symbol, carved on the surface of the cauldron, refers to the rich symbolism of lunar and female energy. It can be the focal point of rituals and practices related to the phases of the moon.

Our Cast Iron Cauldron with Triple Moon is an excellent choice for those who want to strengthen their rituals and magical practices and create the right atmosphere during spiritual ceremonies.

Please note: The vessels become very hot when used to burn incense or other products. Always place on a heat-resistant surface and handle with care. You can fill the vessel with some non-flammable material, e.g., sand.

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