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Selenite charging plate

Selenite charging plate

The Small Charging Plate with Mandala Design is a beautiful and functional piece of home decor made from natural selenite, a translucent mineral with calming and soothing properties. This charging plate measures 8cm in diameter and features a stunning mandala design.

The mandala design is a symbol of unity, harmony, and balance, making it the perfect design for a charging plate. Simply place your items on the plate and let the energy of the selenite do its work. Selenite is known to cleanse and charge other crystals, amplifying their energy and bringing them back to their natural state.

The mandala design adds a touch of elegance to any room, and the natural variations in the stone make each piece one of a kind. The design features details that draw the eye in and encourage a sense of calm and relaxation.

The Small Charging Plate with Mandala Design is a perfect addition to any altar or meditation space and is also a great gift for anyone who appreciates the healing properties of crystals or elegant home decor. With its natural beauty and unique properties, this charging plate is sure to bring a sense of peace and harmony to any space it inhabits.

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